Ouborg Family

The Dutch Ouborg family is the proud owner of the beautiful Sirena Bay Estate

Aad Ouborg became famous as an entrepreneur with his brands BaByliss, Princess and Bourgini. He is now in business with his children. Together with them, he is building the companies Bourgini (household appliances), Princess Traveller (suitcases and travel bags), Princess Sportsgear, Princess Entertainment, Princess Hotels and more businesses, all joined together in the Ouborg Group. The success of these brands is based on strong values. “We provide high quality products at an affordable price. We are surprisingly innovative and we believe in service as a statement. Everything we do is about luxury life and style. For everyone.” His great passion next to these businesses is real estate, especially monumental buildings which are wonderful and unique. During one of his vacations to Curacao, his eye fell on the Dutch ‘landhuis’ Sirena Bay Estate.

For the Ouborg family business is not just about money, you have to enjoy doing business.

“We travel around the world with a smile. ‘Business is entertainment’ is a family saying which runs like a binding thread through our distinctive way of doing business. With a clever, never copied strategy centered on emotion, relations, events and detailed marketing, combined with a fair sprinkling of glitter, glamour and showmanship, we have little fear of taking on the sector’s Goliaths. Given our spectacular events and exceptional ways of marketing, our high profile is certainly newsworthy seven days a week. This is the formula we have used to ensure the exceptional scale of our brands from Holland to Dubai and China.”